Working Equitation

garocha chris 4x6Working Equitation is one of the fastest growing riding competitions and oldest riding disciplines in the world. Working Equitation is now a competitive sport anyone can participate in, from beginner to advanced level riders.

The main requirements for Working Equitation are precision, agility, speed and cattle handling ability. In order to test each one of the above qualities that make up a highly trained working horse, the competition has four corresponding phases the first three must be in every event. Working Dressage (arena flat work test) Ease of Handling (obstacle course) Speed (timed obstacle course). The 4th phase, Cattle Handling is only included at the higher level competitions or championships. So anyone no matter their skill level, riding style or the breed and training of their horse may compete locally and have fun!

20140607_132451[1]We will be hosting Working Equitation (WE) shows and clinics to promote this discipline. Check Lesson/Clinics page for upcoming dates and schedules.