john amigo jumpHaving a horse that accepts whatever is around or in front of him is a situation every rider should treasure. Having a horse that will work his way through an obstacle course shows the leader-trust factor. Horses are herd animals that rely on leadership and instinct to get them through their lives. Exposing a horse to an obstacle course can be one of the most rewarding disciplines there is.


DSCF5107.JPGWe are going to build a course that is challenging, and fun. It will be a course that you can reserve a time and come and ride on your own or participate in a group day. Eventually we want to introduce trail and obstacle challenges, working equitation, as well as horse agility classes and obstacle clinics. We plan on building and adding to the course to make it a place to spend hours of enjoyment riding your horse and asking him to ride through things he would normally go around. Check our Lesson/Clinics page for upcoming dates and schedules.