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From time to time you might find that you can’t ride outside and you want to ride to prepare for some event or school your horse. We have decided to let people haul in and book the indoor arena or outdoor arenas based on reservations.    This will be for riding only. Riding hours will be two hours max unless there is no one else booked behind you, or the arena is not needed. We will not be doing open riding as the arena does not lend itself to a lot of riders. There may be a specific day assigned, based on my lessons or clinic schedules. Check the web site or Facebook, for days that are open. They will be posted.

At this time the arena is not heated so take that into consideration for you and your horse. We ask that you leave the arena and trailer parking clean. Muck buckets are located in the arena.

Everyone will have to sign a risk and liability release form.

Haul in fee will be $15.00 for the first horse and $10.00 each for every horse after that. There will be an honor pay system. Money or checks must be clipped to the release form. You may call me for information and we can discuss your needs.