JOE GOOD BARRELS 08Gymkhana is timed obstacle racing on horseback. It is an exciting equestrian sport, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and horses of all sizes and speeds. The events consist of speed pattern racing and timed games.

Classes and clinics will include timed speed events such as Barrel racing, Pole bending, Keyhole race and Flag race, or some variations of the main patterns. There are specific techniques on how to achieve the best outcome. When mastered, they are designed to display precise, controlled actions and teamwork between horse and rider at speed. We will be offering a variety of classes that will allow the riders to compete at the speed level they are most comfortable.

coming around j & fClasses and clinics will start with the theory of each event and then progress to the rules. The geometry as to where the horse is placed and the use of hands and leg aids will be demonstrated and discussed. Often Gymkhanas are aimed at kids and young adults. Older adults can ride, learn and race as well. Competition Days will be timed and judged.

It is our mission to allow riders and horses to learn the science behind the speed so they can work up through ranks in whatever event they choose. Yes, there will be classes for children. They must wear safety helmets. They must be able to ride and have their own horse. Check, Lessons/ Clinics Page for dates and times.