Cattle Working/Roping

Christina T and Me. from keithFox Creek Ranch is a working Corriente cattle ranch. Our cattle are home grown and raised. Our horses are exposed to being around cattle. The cattle are used to being around horses and people.

Along with my husband Gary, who is a champion team roper, we are planning on holding roping clinics for beginners and practice for team ropers who want to perfect their skills. Team Roping and Breakaway Calf Roping Clinics will be held as well. Roping techniques for both Heading and Heeling will be offered. Before you can rope and ride you have to be able to throw your rope. The techniques differ according to which end of the cow you plan to rope.   A roping horse is not necessary for you to learn how to handle a rope.

drummy ropingWe will invite guest instructors to teach cow working clinics that will get you and your horse comfortable being in front and behind cattle. You will be able to quietly begin moving them from place to place. From there we will offer, Team Sorting Challenges which involves a three person team moving a specific numbered cow/steer from one end of an arena and holding him there while another team member goes in and gets the next numbered cow and does the same thing. It is a timed event, but in the beginning you can take your time in getting from one end to the other. There is also Ranch sorting that evolved from separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring, or transport. Ranch sorting is a timed event that pits a team of two riders against the clock.

Check out the Lesson/Clinics page for dates and times and flyers.