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3 Event Versatility


405fa97d77829a2ea65f13993016c230This event is one that has been in the back of my mind for some time. It will be based a little on English Combined Training, a little on Ranch Horse Versatility and a little on Trail, Gymkhana and Working Equitation events. I want to promote good horsemanship… going out and challenging yourself and your horse to do other disciplines and have fun doing it. I want to start a triathlon competition. Here is how I envision it: Everyone Must ride a Western Dressage test. It will be a basic level test and not an upper level test. However, the horse and rider need to show good horsemanship, proficiency in the gaits, exhibit balance and a willing attitude. Then the rider can choose two other classes offered on the course that day.   There might be barrels and poles, or trail and obstacles as an example. Another time it might be a Western Dressage Test and Cattle Sorting, Ranch Reining, Roping or a simple Cow class. Working Equitation is an inclusive discipline that is a flatwork test, ease of handling obstacle course, speed obstacle course and sometimes working cows.

joe and kit at clinicHowever it is arranged, I do not want to encourage anyone to go out and try things they have never attempted or do not understand, that is what clinics, and play days are for. I can envision a three event Gymkhana Day or a three event Cattle Working Day and a three event Obstacle, Competitive Trail Riding day and a three event Working Equitation Day. We can have a novice class day, where the Western Dressage test is only walk, trot. And the other events are keyed to beginners. The options are many. I want all to come with a Can Do attitude and a smile upon leaving the arena. You and your horse CAN do many things together, that will further your partnership.   Just remember that a Western Dressage Test is always stage one. There will be prizes based on combined scores.