Riding Fundamentals


walking across_edited-1It is my firm belief that the Fundamentals and Foundation Riding are the building blocks that allow a relationship to begin and progress.

A horse and rider may never earn honors in the competitive world. However, if the basics are followed and understood then horses and riders can be masters just as effectively as those who compete. Foundation riding is a tried and true system. If you follow the steps, you will gain the rewards.

Basics, Basics, Basics! Riders need to learn the system, learn to pay their dues by mastering them. Then it does not matter which discipline is chosen, the foundation has been laid so the results will allow the horse and rider to go forth and succeed. Persistence and knowledge are the keys to successful training.

This may sound simplistic but it encompasses a firm understanding of the horse, his psychology and physiology as it relates to himself and the rider. It truly is a science as all equine disciplines are. Not everyone has the perfect horse. In fact I don’t believe there is such an animal. A horse is a horse: There are small horses and big horses, slow and fast horses, calm and hysterical horses. You must train according the type of horse you choose to ride. Mastering the basics will improve any horse no matter what you plan to do with him. It is the understanding and the partnership that should be developed.

beginning to round penI

If you take great pains in the beginning stages you will find the more advanced work comes easily because it has been prepared mentally and physically. Knowing the fundamentals can be a soft place to return to when things are not going right. Never ever be ashamed to say you don’t get it, and neither does my horse. Horses are forgiving creatures and will let you start over. There are no bad horses or breeds of horses, there are however, some misinformed people.

Finally, good trainers should have no secrets and share freely of their knowledge and wisdom. It is not my wish to keep you under my trainer thumb, but to prepare you and you horse to go out and attempt any discipline or disciplines you choose. I would love to pass my knowledge along and help you form a foundation on which you can build your own equine castle. That would be my greatest reward.

Clinics and Courses will be progressive. You can find a place for yourself and your horse and move toward the disciplines you want to master. Check the programs page for the segment you think might suit you and your horse. You may call me if you are not sure where to start.