Fundamentals Sessions

Assess Me and My Horse

Round Penning and It’s Benefits

Beginning Riding Fundamentals

Am I Ready to Go On

Riding Fundamentals 2

Riding Fundamentals 3

Understanding the Western Dressage Arena, Letters and Tests

Western Dressage 1

Western Dressage 2

Sessions and Clinics will be between 3 and 4 hours in length, limited to no more than 8 riders. They will also be priced differently. Check calendar for dates, times and fees. Class and Clinic descriptions will be posted on the calendar and more thoroughly on their own pages.

When you show up for a clinic or a session, please arrive at least one half hour early before your scheduled session. If you arrive late you will have to start where the rest of the class is working. We will not wait for you. Please be on time.

Sessions in certain programs may require prerequisites due to the progressive nature of the sessions. After you participate in a session you might find it beneficial to book a private or semi-private lesson to solidify what you’ve learned in that session. Here is where the Name Your Own Lesson comes into play.