Fundamental Sessions And Clinic Descriptions

Sessions Descriptions

talking the lesson overAssess Me and My Horse:

Often I am asked if I think a horse or rider is able to undertake a certain discipline, whether the horse can mentally and physically begin something new. Everything from questionable soundness, age to personality is questioned. The rider might ask if, after a long time “just being” a certain kind of rider whether they can expose themselves to something new. I get a lot of “I can’t because of this or my horse won’t because of that. This session will put your concerns at ease and will make you look at yourself and the horse in a different light. Suggestions will be made as to where I think it will be most beneficial for you to start your journey or change your direction.   This session can be done privately or in class session. There are no questions that shouldn’t be asked. I want horse and rider on the same page with each other.

Round Penning and its Benefits:

Round Penning has many benefits, it is the first place I go with a horse and rider. It is just not an exercise tool, Round Penning lets you check soundness, attitude, whether a horse is forward moving, lazy, or spoiled. You can learn a lot about a horse before ever getting on him. And even if you have been riding him a while, Round Penning can show you some things you might not have sensed from the saddle.

Beginning Riding Fundamentals:

Getting Ready to Ride; Equine Psychology – Building a Partnership – Mounting – Standing Still- Seat Improvement – Walk- Trot -One Rein Stops- Posting to the Trot- Halt- Letting the Horse Move You- Steering Problems. Regulating Speed, will be addressed.

Am I Ready to Go On?

This is a bit of a test. I will be checking your horse’s willingness and understanding of what he is being asked to do. I will be checking your seat, legs and reins to see if you are asking your horse correctly. I will have you ride fun patterns and exercises that will tell about the reaction times between you and your horse. This is a laid back session. You get to show off what you’ve learned. Fun Fun Fun!

Riding Fundamentals 2:

You will continue to improve Communications Skills and develop a Correct and Balanced Seat, Upward and Downward Transitions and Half Halts at the walk and the trot as well as Localizing certain parts of the horse’s body along with the Beginning Lateral Movements. There will be more patterns and exercises to help your horse bend and pick up his feet. You will learn how to yield the Fore and Hindquarters. The bonus is there are tests and exercises just for walk- trot people.

Riding Fundamentals 3:

It is time to begin Canter Work. You will work of on sustaining a Canter and riding the Rhythm, Upward and Downward Transitions from the trot to canter, also how to ask for the proper leads. You will work on understanding when and how to use Half Halts. There again patterns and exercises will help you to relax and have fun mastering canters.

Understanding Western Dressage:

into the corner

What is Western Dressage? Western Dressage integrates the historically validated principles of dressage with the best of western stock horse tradition. It is a systematic and progressive system of training for the western horse and rider, in traditional stock tack with the purpose of enjoying a safe, pleasurable, versatile and useful working horse. Every breed of horse can do this discipline. Every serious rider can excel as well.

In this session you will be introduced to more of the philosophy and what the Western Dressage Partnership should exhibit. The rules will be addressed as well as getting you and your horse familiar with the Arena, it’s Letters and the Tests.

In Western Dressage you will take your good riding horse to a higher level of finesse and understanding.